Citylink - Baulderstone Hornibrook - $2b

1996 - 2000 CityLink is the first privately funded electronic-tolling road in Victoria and connects three of Melbourne’s major freeways across the CBD and Yarra River.


With construction commencing in May 1996, the project spans 22km and was the largest civil engineering project in Australia since the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme.

GW Bennett & Associates provided construction and feature survey for the project with up to 16 men at its peak.


Geelong Road Upgrading - Leighton - $115m

2000 - 2002 The project included the construction of 8 Bridges, the increase of 36 kilometres of dual lane to a 3 lane freeway.

The Geelong Road project utilised one of the very first grader machine control systems to be used on a construction job in Victoria.


Coode Island - Leighton $40m

2003 - 2005 Provided survey for Melbourne's new hazardous chemicals storage facility, thankfully equipped with some of the world’s most sophisticated safety and environmental safeguards. 


Located in the heart of Australia’s busiest docklands and yet only 500 metres from a densely populated residential area. Provided setout for pipelines, concrete bunds, associated roadworks, pressurised, heated and insulated storage tanks.


The 11 tanks range in volume from 0.8 megalitres to 5.3 megalitres; the latter having a diameter and a height of 20 metres.



Spencer Street Station Redevelopment - Leighton - $404m


2002 - 2006 Provided surveying asbuilts of the new stations main roof trusses. Weighing up to 30 tonnes, the trusses were checked at their fabrication sites in Geelong Newcastle and Launceston. Each truss was transported by barge.


Placement was a delicate manoeuvre and had to be undertaken under relatively calm weather conditions. Precise 3D co ordinates on each segment was calculated for placement


Work could not start until the station closed and had to be completed prior to the first morning train. Consequently a important part of the process was our task of verifying that each truss was as per design.


Sunbury Waste Water Treatment Plant - Stirloch - 4.5m


2006 Provided survey setout for the construction of clarifiers and new tertiary filters, pump stations and associated pipeworks.


Cranbourne Train Stabling and Station Upgrade -

Thiess - $37m

2008 The project provided new train stabling facilities and upgrade to Cranbourne Railway Station and bus interchange.



Gisborne Waste Water Treatment Plant - Stirloch - $3.5m

2008 Provided survey for the upgrade of the existing waste water treatment plant, which consisted of the construction of a 23m diameter clarifier. Works included asbuilts of all associated pipeworks.


Deer Park Bypass - Leighton - $210m


2006 - 2009 The Deer Park Bypass features four lanes and four major interchanges over its 10 km length and opened to traffic in early 2009 - 6 months ahead of schedule.


The project heavily utilized machine control guidance systems on numerous graders, dozers and excavators. The automatic guidance mode eliminated operator error and the need for re work. Several guidance system manufacturers were used making the job of supporting and managing the systems for our survey team all the more challenging.


Newport Stabling Yards - Thiess - $36.7m


2011 The key elements of the work are: - 19 rail sidings about 200m long and including earth works, civil, overhead traction power and signaling works - mainline track works under track occupation conditions - build of an amenities building to accommodate approx 80 to 100 staff including all fit outs and facilities - drainage, lighting, power, communications and security - construction of 80 space car park at the amenities building


Mumbida Wind Farm - Leighton - $130m


2011 - 2012 Leighton Contractors, in consortium with GE, has been awarded a $130 million contract by the Verve Energy and Macquarie Capital joint venture for the Mumbida Wind Farm development, 40 kilometres South-East of Geraldton in Western Australia.


The project will be delivered by Leighton Contractors and GE through a single Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC) contract, comprising GE’s 2.5MW wind turbines mounted on 85 metre towers, electrical and civil balance of plant and a 22kV/132kV substation. The full maintenance service agreement will be provided by GE for a 10 year period, immediately following practical completion.


Regional Rail Package E - Baulderstone/Leighton - $505m


2012 - 2014 Package E stretches from Deer Park to West Werribee Junction.


Consisting of 26km of new railway and corresponding cable route, 12 road bridges, 4 major rail bridges, 2 stations, 2km worth of rail cutting and the extension of Christies Rd.


EESI Contracting


EESI Contracting is a remediation contractor, GWB Survey provided all the drawings, surveys and volumes for sites all over Victoria.




House setouts, including marking gridlines and excavation boundarys, lines for walls, basements including floor levels.


Melbourne Park Multi-Purpose Venue - Thiess - $65m


1999 - 2000 Hisense Arena at Melbourne Park was completed in 2000 and offers unparalleled flexibility for events and functions.


This incredibly versatile venue provide many challanges along the way. GW Bennett  & Associates provide all the surveying requirements on this project. It also involved the contstruction and cerfification  of a world standard veladrome.


Regional Fast Rail Project (Ballarat and Geelong Lines) - Theiss Alstom - $262m


2002 - 2004 The construction of the Ballarat and Geelong corridors included the placement of 110km (Ballarat) and 40km (Geelong) of control points.


This involved the levelling and co-ordination of control points every 200 metres for the entire corridor length. 


The construction of new rail bridges, culvert plus track laying of approximately 200km of new rail & ballast.


Royal Melbourne Hospital Stage 3 - Leighton - $60m


2003 – 2004 Provided survey for the construction of two new buildings and a major series of internal refurbishments in the hospital.


Work was undertaken while normal hospital operations continued  A major challenge was the lack of work area to perform the required surveying tasks.


Matha Cove - Baulderstone - $50m

2003 - 2005 G.W. Bennett & Associates provided survey for the $50 million Martha Cove Civil Works Stage 1 project, located on the Mornington Peninsula, it was the first major marina and residential development of its type in Victoria.


We were responsible for all survey works required for the construction of a waterway joining Port Phillip Bay, a marina development, and construction of an underpass to enable vehicles and pedestrian traffic to pass under the waterway. 


The underpass to the marina provides the public with a unique experience, simulating the inside of a whale.


Craigieburn Rail Project - Thiess - $58m

2005 - 2007 Craigieburn Rail Project consisted of track and civil works.

Works carried out by G.W. Bennett & Associates included upgrade works of the existing Craigieburn station, stabling yards and a new station at Roxburgh Park.


Eastlink - Thiess John Holland Joint Venture - $2.6b


2005 - 2008 This was one of the largest projects undertaken by GWB.


We performed major sections of the feature survey including bridges, drainage and roads. We were responsible for the construction of the Monash Interchange and Ringwood Interchange being the most impressive section of the project.


These involved complex bridges and flyovers and the added difficulty of existing traffic. This involved over 3 years of work. A major part of the project was the presentation of the asbuilts.  This involved considerable liaison with client to provide a suitable solution. At its peak we provided 24 men.


Westkon Precast Yard - Leighton


2008 The new facility in Melton produces super tee beams, culverts and feature noise walls. This new yard will substantially increase Westkon's  production capacity.


Our scope of works included the survey for the bulk earthworks excavation of the site. The setout of hundreds of piles as well as the rail beams for the massive overhead cranes.


AAMI Park - GVP Fabricators - $267.5m


2010 Located about 1km to the east of the CBD and nestled between the Yarra River and the MCG, AAMI Park features a cutting-edge Bioframe design with a geodesic dome roof which substantially covers the seating area. The beauty of the design is that spectators will enjoy unobstructed views, free from pillars, walls or other support structures.


GWB Survey provided checking the steel roof truss sections in the workshop ensuring the truss section would fit when delivered to site.


Cardinia Rd Station (GASP1) - John Holland - $32m


2012 Located at Pakenham (Cardinia Rd) and Lyndhurst, John Holland had the job to construct the two stations, also the car parks, pedestrian underpasses and access.


Collins St Roof Canopy - Walker Corp & Century Glass


2014 Creating a canopy between The Lantern Building and Collins Square entrance, an epic work by Sydney sculptor Dion Horstmans adds visual presence. Constructed from welded tubular steel the electrifying installation casts beams of light across the path of visitors, encouraging interaction with the public space.


This project involved travelling to Perth to measure and check that  the steel work would fit together for Walker Corp.

Century Glass had the contract to glaze the structure. This involved fitting the glass to the structure by "best fit".


Fosterville Gold Mine - Croc Gold



2003 - Ongoing


GWB Survey have done ongoing works at Fosterville Gold Mine, from jobs such as feature surveys, road setouts, drill exploration tracking, open pit monitoring and open pit mining.


Enviro Pacific


Enviro Pacific is a remediation contractor, GWB Survey provided all ongoing surveys, calculated volumes and all the drawings.


Boral Asphalt


GWB Survey have provided survey for Boral Asphalt for jobs such as Citylink,, Eastlink, Deer Park Bypass and Peninsula Link.


Survey have included marking levels for asphalt levels, conformance reports for each pavement layer, linemarking for paver run widths.

One of the many culverts installed
One of the many culverts installed

One of the many culverts installed
One of the many culverts installed

Off Structure Barriers installed
Off Structure Barriers installed

One of the many culverts installed
One of the many culverts installed


Princes Highway East Duplication - RTL - $43m


The Princes Highway East Duplication Project, Flynn to Rosedale, is a design and construct contract issued by VicRoads.


The duplication comprises of the construction of separate two-lane carriageways to provide a four-lane divided highway, with the new alignment crossing the existing in four separate locations and crossing three waterways.


The duplication will address road safety, improve road capacity, improve road geometry and provide continuity between overtaking lanes.


Sand Road Princes Highway Longwarry  - $19m


This involved the construction of a new bridge and exit entry ramps over the  Princes Highway and designed by VicRoads.


The new bridge and ramps  will address road safety,


Princes Highway East Duplication -Cut & Fill - $30m


The Princes Highway East Duplication Project, Traralgon to Sheepwash Creek , is a VicRoads design contract issued by VicRoads.


The duplication comprises of the construction of separate two-lane carriageways to provide a four-lane divided highway, with the new alignment crossing and bridging the Sheepwash Creek

The duplication will address road safety, improve road capacity, improve road geometry and provide continuity between overtaking lanes.



Rod Laver Arena- Century Glass 


The Australian Tennis Open requires permanent corporate facilities. This Stage removes the need to have marques set up around the grounds.

Our section involves the setout for the curved glazing.


Princes Highway  Colac East - Decmil Southern - $60m


The Princes Highway  Duplication Project, Warncoort to Colac East, is a design and construct contract issued by VicRoads.


The duplication comprises of the construction of separate two-lane carriageways to provide a four-lane divided highway, with the new alignment crossing the existing alignment many times..


With all new roadwork it will address road safety, improve road capacity, improve road geometry and provide continuity between overtaking lanes.


Western Highway  Bacchus Marsh- Decmil Southern -




Deakin University - Sutcliffe Engineering


Made from a tubular steel construction this foot bridge spans the Gardiners Creek at Burwood. Pre fabricated in the workshop checks on manufacture was undertaken in the workshop and on site.